Cyber Risk Management Bundle: Berea Explains the Importance of Cyber Essentials for Councils

We recently announced that BHIB Councils Insurance is working with Berea, a specialist cybersecurity company, to offer Councils a complete Cyber Risk Management Bundle.

In a recent interview with Aaron Yates, Chief Executive of Berea, we discussed the services that Berea offer, what the Cyber Risk Management Bundle is and why the Cyber Essentials accreditation is important for Councils.

Who are Berea? 

Berea is a cybersecurity company focused on helping small organisations. Our services are specifically designed to be practical, affordable, and jargon-free. We borrow better understood concepts, such as Health and Safety, and apply them to this modern field of risk. Our mission is to make cybersecurity accessible and simple for those least able to access more expensive consultancy-based services. 

What services do Berea offer?

Berea offer two services. The first is a ready-made staff information security awareness campaign. The second is an online-based, plain-English platform that helps an organisation achieve compliance with HM Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme – the minimum benchmark for information security risk management. These are usually purchased conjoined as a complete ‘first step’ Cyber Risk Management Bundle. 

Priced at just £100 +VAT, the Cyber Risk Management Bundle provides a Council with a complete journey to better risk management without the expense or jargon of a consultant. 

Why is the Cyber Essentials accreditation important to Councils? 

Cyber Essentials is important to Councils for a number of reasons:


  • Cyber Essentials is HM Government’s official minimum benchmark for information security.
  • The Cyber Essentials certificate is recognised by many insurance companies.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands evidence of information security practices. 



Why did you decide to partner with BHIB Councils Insurance? 

We have been continually impressed by the spirit of BHIB Councils Insurance. They are the living embodiment of the concept of putting the needs of the client first. This shared feeling of responsibility supplied a sound foundation of mutual respect. It was a very natural step for Berea to partner with BHIB Councils Insurance. 

How can Councils learn more and/or order a Cyber Risk Management Bundle? 

Councils may purchase a Cyber Risk Management Bundles from BHIB Councils Insurance in one of two ways: 

  1. In person at the NALC Annual Conference on 28th/29th October 2019, or 
  2. Getting in touch with BHIB Councils Insurance here and quoting ‘Cyber Risk Management Bundle’ or over the phone on 0330 013 0036

To learn more about the Cyber Risk Management Bundle, you can view our informative post here

Alternatively, you can email or call us on 0330 013 0036.

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