Village Hall Insurance: How BHIB Councils Insurance Can Support Your Village Hall

As part of #VillageHallsWeek, we are discussing the topic of insurance for your village hall. Below we have explained why insurance for your village hall is required, how BHIB Councils Insurance can assist your village hall and the importance of getting accurate building valuations to avoid under or over-insurance.

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Village Halls Week, led by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), is a week-long event taking place between 25-29 January 2021, celebrating over 10,000 village halls across England, the volunteers that run them and the difference they make to the rural communities they serve.

You can find out more about this year’s event by visiting Village Halls Week 2021 – everything you need to know.

Why does my village hall need insurance?

Many village halls across the country play host to a variety of meetings, activities, and events for their community. Village halls see a whole host of different people use their facilities on a daily basis, which is why protection of the hall, and for the people that use it, is essential.

Committees or groups managing village halls are responsible for protecting against the potential risks – examples of which we have detailed below.

Making sure you have the right insurance cover can be an appropriate way of protecting your village hall, giving your committee/group peace of mind.

Insurance for your village hall

We can provide cost-effective, comprehensive insurance for your village hall alongside your main Councils Insurance policy.

The policy can be tailored to cover the building, contents and equipment of your hall, protecting against flood, fire and other disasters, as well as offering protection against common personal injury claims, such as a visitor falling down a flight of stairs or an employee slipping on a wet floor.

We have supported many village halls across the country by saving them money on their insurance premiums.

Why not ask for a quotation to see how much you can save? Please email us at to enquire.

Understanding more about the value of your village hall

If your village hall has not been valued for insurance purposes in the last 5 years’, you could find yourself in the position of being significantly under or over-insured, both of which can have serious financial implications.

If you would like to learn more about our buildings valuation services and obtain a rebuild cost assessment of your village hall, we would be happy to assist you.

Please email us at to request this service.

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