Helping your Council to manage its asset register

We are proud to partner with Parish Online to offer our clients a digital self-service mapping tool to record their assets in a secure web-based register.

A key insurance challenge for Councils is knowing exactly what assets are owned by the Council and what liabilities Councils might face.

A well-maintained, comprehensive asset register can make a huge difference to your Council, especially as it reduces the risk of underinsurance.

When was the playground equipment last inspected? How many streetlights there are? What is the value of the council offices? Who is liable if that tree falls across a road?

Why digital asset mapping?

  • Map surface water issues
  • Provide evidence of neighbourhood plans
  • Record street light assets
  • Manage allotment land
  • Review road signage
  • Plot your Grit Bins
  • Obtain accurate quotes for grass cutting
  • Analyse planning permissions

Benefits of digital asset mapping

  • Peace of mind that your insurance cover is correct
  • Widely-used across Local Government
  • Recommended by NALC
  • Centralised and reliable web-based register

We Are Offering Free Parish Online Licenses!

We are offering free Parish Online licenses to all Councils who sign up to a three-year deal with us. To register your interest, click below and fill in our Request a Quote form – make sure you state ‘Parish Online’ in the comments.

Are you already a Parish Online/BHIB Customer? Click here to find out what to do next.

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