Your First Steps to Better Cybersecurity

Becoming Cyber Essentials certified demonstrates to your local community that your Council is taking security controls seriously and you are operating in a secure working environment, as well as giving you a clear picture of your Council’s cybersecurity level.

BHIB Councils Insurance are proud to be working with Berea, a specialist organisation who provide market-leading cybersecurity services, to offer you a complete Cyber Risk Management Bundle. This bundle has been created to educate your staff on cybersecurity and will allow your Council to obtain the Government-backed ‘Cyber Essentials’ certification.

The Cyber Risk Management Bundle will provide your Council with a complete journey to better risk management without the expense or jargon of a consultant.

What's included?

The entire bundle is self-contained in a unique triangular postal tube. It includes an advice pack for staff as well as access to a web-based self-assessment to help your Council understand cybersecurity and become Cyber Essentials Certified.

Cybersecurity guidance and advice pack for staff

  • Ready-made cyber awareness pack including posters, stickers and booklets for your Council office
  • Each advice pack contains 20 employee guidance booklets
  • Designed to raise staff awareness and educate on common threats
  • Reinforces compliance and motivates staff towards better security practices

Web-based self-assessment and education

  • Pack includes web-assessed training to give your Council the official Cyber Essentials certificate
  • Split into helpful mini-modules over a 12 month subscription
  • Designed for the non-technical individuals and written in plain-English
  • Reduces the risk of threats from the internet by up to 80%

Together with Berea, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution which increases awareness around cybersecurity and protects your Council in the event of a cyber emergency.

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