Protect your Council from Online Cyber Threats

With Councils making more services available digitally, investing in secure IT systems and protecting the data held on these computer and IT systems should be a key priority for local authorities.

BHIB Cyber for Councils is our Cyber Insurance offering which aims to protect against a range of cybersecurity threats that local authorities may face.

Now is the time to “spend to save” and get better protection for your Council.

We can now provide tailored protection and peace of mind for Local Councils from the risks of cyber attacks and any liabilities that arise due to a breach of privacy legislation (GDPR).

What’s included?

Our policy has a range of benefits that are exclusive to BHIB Cyber for Councils including:

  • Free EOS (European Organisation for Security) data breach alert and monitoring service
  • Priced at £299.99 (including Insurance Premium Tax)
  • Small Councils can work in partnership and have a joint policy with up to 3 other Councils to split the cost and share 10 free Avast Business Pro Plus device licences
  • Free 1 Hour cyber/GDPR consultation with a compliance specialist, who is also a councillor
  • BHIB Councils Insurance Cyber Risk Scorecard

We can help you to improve your approach to Cybersecurity, no matter how big or small your Council is.


What is a cyber attack?

A cyber-attack is a crime that targets computer systems and networks in an attempt to access, expose, destroy and/or steal information.

A cyber-attack can present itself in the form of a disguised fraudulent email (known as ‘phishing’), a malicious link or email attachment or a computer virus.

How can a cyber-attack affect my Council?

A cyber incident can be very disruptive to the running of Council services, leading to the loss of sensitive data, reputational issues and/or financial repercussions.

Severe consequences can include operational downtime and even the potential for closure of the Council.

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