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As part of BHIB Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves on our national coverage and our Chartered Insurance Broker status. Our relationship with Aviva has meant that we are able to offer comprehensive insurance cover designed for your Council.

Our Councils Insurance Policy

No Council is the same. That’s why our insurance policy consists of a range of covers to protect not only your Council or Parish, but also your clerks, councillors and volunteers. So from public liability insurance to risk assessment advice, we’re here to support you.

Public Liability

Up to £10 million

Covers you against any accidental injury or damage caused to third parties or their property. Whilst this is not a legal requirement, it is recommended for organisations that interact with the public. Limits higher than £10 million are available.

Employers' Liability

Up to £10 million

Covers employers for compensation costs and legal fees resulting from an employee/ex-employee incurring loss from illness or injury caused by their work. With some rare exceptions this is a legal requirement within the UK for Councils with employees. Limits higher than £10 million are available.

Officials Indemnity

Up to £500k

Covers errors, negligent acts, accidental errors or omissions made by Council employees, whilst acting within their duties on behalf of the Council, which result in a financial loss to a third party.

Legal Expenses

Up to £250k

Covers defence costs, expenses and fees (e.g. lawyers, accountants or other professionals). Whilst this is usually sold as an optional add-on, our Local Council insurance policy provides this as standard.

Property Damage

Covers loss due to damage to buildings, contents, stock, playground equipment, street furniture, war memorials and other property belonging to your Council or property which you are responsible for.

Fidelity Guarantee

Up to £125k

Covers losses which you may sustain from fraud or dishonesty of employees. Whilst this isn’t a legal requirement, we provide this cover as standard to maintain best practice for your Council.

A policy that grows with you


Here at BHIB Councils Insurance we know how valuable your time is as a Council member. This is why we have designed a product that means you do not have to update your policy when your Council takes responsibility of new assets – just make sure the assets you have insured still fit the limits of your policy.

Our policy provides automatic limits of cover, meaning that assets such as street furniture, war memorials, playground equipment and much more can be acquired with no changes required to your insurance policy. These limits can be increased at any time should this become a requirement.

In addition to this, our policy provides cover for certain events held by Local Councils, subject to the adherence of safety guidelines which are detailed within the policy.
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Exclusives for Policy Holders

We understand that risk management is an integral part of your Council’s corporate governance. That’s why we also offer exclusive risk management tools to our policy holders in order to help better manage your Council’s risks and governance procedures.

Access to the Aviva “Cut Red Tape” Risk Management Portal, including legal guides, templates, documents and more

Stay up-to-date on new and evolving risks, including GDPR, cyber security and managing contractors via exclusive content

Access to a wide range of services through Aviva Risk Management Solutions

Access to our risk management training to help with your corporate governance

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